Monday, October 14, 2013

Dr. Who Inspired boy's bedroom on a budget...

Dr. Who... ever heard of it?  Not the 1960's version.. the version airing on the BBC this decade?  My boys are obsessed...  They would watch it for hours if I let them...  so they decided they wanted a Dr. Who inspired bedroom, which I naturally had nothing to decorate with...  So I decided not to go over the top with it, and just add a few elements that would relate to the show... As it turns out, we had several items that would actually work.  Like a time traveler book, a globe {to signify traveling all over the world}, a Titanic bell {for the episode with a Titanic themed space ship}, and some oversized chess pieces {for the episode with the deadly game of chess}, and several Dr. Who screwdrivers in our stash.  The rest, I would have to figure out.

  • So I purchased items like prints off etsy, Union Jack flags from amazon, Dr. Who lamp from, a starry night print off, and two Union Jack pillow covers.  
  • I upcycled and painted existing 8x10 frames for the Dr. Who characters prints all red to unify them, and added some ribbon loops for hanging.  The prints were purchased from an etsy artist, who offered buy two, get one free on his work. So around $10 for those... 
  • My husband was kind enough to build me two large 2x3 frames, which I distressed with the vaseline technique.  We just stapled the flags to the back, and added picture hanging hardware.  That project cost us a total of $11 {$6 for the flags, and $5 for basic pine molding at Home Depot}.  
  • The lamp was a splurge, at around $50, but it was well worth it.  It makes the Tardis noise when you open the little doors on the front, so cool!  
  • Pillow covers purchased from etsy, {$12 each}.  Then I just ripped open old flat yucky throw pillows and stuffed the new Union Jack ones with that stuffing.  I always save old throw pillows for this purpose specifically because pillow inserts are at least $10 each... EACH!!!  So, old stuffing it is!
  • I used the star pillow cases that we had already, and flipped our quilt comforter over to reveal a plain light blue side.  {It is the sports themed quilt from Target}...  

So overall, I spent less than $100 to update my boy's bedroom using existing supplies that related to the theme, and items I had around the house.  If you are looking to "theme-ify" a room, just group things together to see if you can come up with a theme, and work from there.  You might be surprised at what you can find and display from your belongings.  Happy decorating ya'll!!!

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