Thursday, July 11, 2013

Doin' laundry... well.... kinda....

I had ordered a birch wood alpha bet set from etsy about a year ago, with the plan of having a trendy alpha bet wall somewhere in this rental house... Except that my kids are going into 5th grade and are pretty much video game fanatics.... so that idea seems a bit juvenile at the moment.  What to do with the alphas.... Well, I sat down and wrote out all of the words that I could make with just one of every letter...  My boys don't have much on the walls of their bedroom {shocking, I know...}.  And I figured hanging 26 alpha's might prove challenging in a rental home.

So I decided to make a sign for the boys room, first word I am working with is "grow".  I didn't have any fabric to match their room, but I did have a pile of clothing in the give-away box.  So I rummaged through, and found a couple of shirts that would work nicely.  I grabbed some cardboard from past science fair projects {that I saved solely for the purpose of upcycling that cardboard}.

Here's what I started with:

Here's the finished project:

I was a bit frustrated when cutting the fabric, that I wasn't going to have enough to avoid the buttons and pocket area.  However, I think those embellishments really add something to it, and I really like the outgrown clothing for the "grow" theme.  I used Fabric-tac to hold the whole thing together.  I find that it works well on fabric - but also on cardboard, and smooth raw wood surfaces.  I piled books on this thing to let it dry flat and keep it together overnight, since cardboard has a tendency to curl or arc.  

I am planning a whole wall of word faux canvases for their room, so maybe dream next.  {Naturally, I will have to buy more letters}.  But wouldn't it be fun to use an old rock concert t-shirt or Star Wars shirt or something along that lines for a "dream" themed canvas?  Yep, I think I am on to something here ;-)

Don't be afraid to look at what you have on hand, and what you are willing to purge.  When you are willing to get rid of it, you might be willing to tear it apart, and make it into something even better....

Happy Crafting!!!!!!!!!!!

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