Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Playing catch up....

It has been such a busy and blessed first half of the year so far....  I am embracing Texas more and more every day.  Although I have been struggling with the amount of alone time I spend here due to my husbands current work schedule, I am working through prayer to find grace in this difficult time.  Spending time alone after the kiddos go to bed has given me plenty of time to get super crafty and organized in our home.  Here are some snapshots of outings and projects we have accomplished over the last few months....

We had our first trip to the Gulf of Mexico.  Not the same as the beaches we are used to in the PacNW, but still fun just the same :

Finished decorating the spare bedroom:

Visited the Texas State Aquarium:

Celebrated Father's Day:

Did the whole - cut up your crayons and melt them - thing :

Found a great Texas shaped baking pan at Goodwill:

Learned how to hand sew and made protective pouches for our 3DS game:

Had a watermelon spitting contest:

Losers were on clean up duty ;-)

Made my own version of Pinterest posted wreaths I have seen lately for the Fourth of July:

A wonderful trip to the Riverwalk in San Antonio:

We got to see the Alamo...   Not too many pictures to post since it was very dark and extremely small inside....  but the door was beautiful :-)  hahaaa...

Movie nights at home...  lots of popcorn and snuggles :-)

Personalizing our lunch bags for our field trip:

Preparing teachers gifts:

Cutting coupons... lots and lots of coupons!!

Making a beachy display for summer:

Trying to ward off the solicitors with an eighteentwentyfive printable...

Framing IKEA photography and bringing summery colors into the house:

Organizing my pantry with mostly thrift store and junking finds:

Finishing off my master bedroom with a little personalization:

Finished the upstairs bathroom which is really only used by the boys:

Made a super cute summer themed banner:

A summer display in the entryway:

Valentine's Day party!!!

My sweetie's Valentine:

More teacher gifts:

Decorated a pirate's chest for our Cub Scout table display:

This is how the pirates chest ended up on the table display... so cute!!

Shopped for Heidi Swapp goodies.... just a little ;-)

We decorated and drank green Seven-ups for St. Patty's Day:

Finished labeling my pantry:

Missed the rain... these babies have been all couped up in the garage since we moved to Texas...

Served my church.  Made many crafty goodies for the wonderful group of ladies at church.

Went antiquing!!  Headed over to the Round Top antique's fair and explored all over Warrenton:

Finally conquered the clutter in my twins bedroom:

Visited the Texas Capital building here in Austin.  It is magnificent!!

Woohoo!!!  Crawfish boil!!!!!!!! 

Saw the Avenger's on opening day people!!!  This is a big one for me because I detest crowds - but the whole family was so excited!!!!!!!!!

Conquered the clutter of paper and school misc. in the kitchen...  not an easy task I must say... 

Channeling my inner "Amanda's"

Visited the best petting zoo in Johnson City!!  We had the time of our lives!!!

We got to go to Sea World in San Antonio!! 

Feeding the ducks... regularly :-)

We found new parks:

We made lots of crafty gifts:

Scrapbooking in my spare time:

We are making the most of our second year here in Texas, trying our best to get used to the heat.  I have been planning tons of activities for inside time since the boys still complain about going outside - unless it's to a water park or pool.  I don't blame them- it get's super hot here!  So our life is very much the opposite of what it used to be.  We used to stay inside 9 months of the year - and then spend June through August outside in the PacNW.  Now, we only go outside to play in the water here June through August and we are outside 9 months of the year.  Not a bad trade off I suppose!  

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer and making the most of their time with the kiddos!!