Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Fourth of July decorating and home projects...

Fourth of July decorating on a budget...  I really didn't have much put together for the holiday, but of course I still wanted to decorate for it....  So I purchased $.059 flags x 4 at Randalls and but luckily had everything else I needed in my crafty stash....  I was able to make a cute burlap and felt wreath and added touches all over the house....  I had ribbon garlands, a vintage picture, pinwheels, and crepe paper garlands in my stash...  Here is what I came up with to be festive for the fourth:

The front door festivities:

Hammered these babies into the ground... the hard, hard, clay soiled ground :-)

I whipped up a delectable batch of fried green tomatoes for the occasion :-) Dang...........  I am really becoming Texan now ;-)

We don't use the entryway hooks for much in the summer since we don't EVER wear sweatshirts here, so I decorated it instead....

I figured the banister was the best place for the cheesy paper star garland....

I switched out the summer themed table for a little bit of red, white, and blue:

Just randomly strung up another ribbon garland:

Put out the grocery store flags along the front porch:

Some random shots of things I love around my home...  This shelf is a bit out dated with lots of outdated accessories on it - but these are things handed down to me and many things on here hold deep emotion and memories for us - so why not display them??

Pictures of my babies when they were little:

All of the wall decor here was purchased at Goodwill, painted, and re-purposed.  I have always wanted a Pottery Barn looking desk set up without the Pottery Barn price tag.... so I just painted an old desk we had gotten for free, added some cute hardware, and slapped the Goodwill finds up on the wall..  I am not completely satisfied with it since I didn't leave myself enough room to get the twins pictures on the left side, but it will do for now...  Planning people..... it's all about the planning.... 

Just could not stand looking at my hall closet anymore... It holds towels, linens, an tons of  holiday decorations - and you could not even open the door without things falling out... With a budget of Zero dollars and Zero cents - I just reorganized and reworked it a bit.  I know I could have tons of cute baskets and storage options - but like I said - I did not want to spend any money on this project...  I feel so much better every time I open the door now!!

So far this summer I have accomplished organizing all my junk drawers, the paper/school/mail/ art area in the kitchen, 3 problem cupboards in the kitchen, my boys bedroom, the spare bedroom, and the cupboards in our television entertainment center...  I still have a few closets and the garage to go - but I will get it all done!!  Just watch me ;-)

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Danielle said...

Love your patriotic decor! I stopped by to let you know that you were the winner of the Scrapbook and Cards Magazine giveaway on my blog! Please contact me with your mailing address, and I'll get that out to you!

Thanks so much,