Saturday, December 31, 2011

12 Days of Christmas continued... done and done!

It was important to me this year to have a nice decorative holiday without breaking the bank. So I used my existing craft supplies and a Michael's/ Hobby Lobby coupons to liven things up here for our first Christmas in Texas.

Day 4 project - Remembering the reason for the season!! I was quite touched when my 9 year old son handed me a letter to God and asked me to please deliver it. We had a wonderful time going over the Christmas story in the bible and remembering the reason for the season!!

Day 5 project - Pottery Barn knock-off time!! Make a NOEL sign similar to Pottery Barn - but much much much cheaper... I grabbed these antiqued gold letters at The Hobby Lobby at 50% off - which made all 4 letters a whopping $20. Which is a far cry from the $149 that I really wanted to spend for the NOEL sign in their catalog... I used the E6000 adhesive and broke apart a paint brush to help hold it together... It dried overnight and turned out very lovely!! I actually like the gold for the holidays much better than the original brown wood anyway...

Day 6 - Make and send out cards...

I usually go very elaborate with hand stamped cards for the holidays... but with all of these projects going on - I used the same kit from the ornaments in my previous post to put together cards for the family. Easy to assemble and very pretty...

Day 7 - Decorate a nice.... fake... tree..

This is the first year in my whole life that we have had to have an artificial tree for the holidays. Living in Texas brings many challenges, and obtaining and maintaining a nice and real tree is no small or inexpensive feat... So my hunny traipsed down to the local Home Depot on Black Friday to get us an inexpensive tree for our first year. We figure we can buy a bigger and nicer one when they go on even better sales.... I am really into the Pottery Barn decor this year - but won't be paying for an all new Pottery Barn holiday wardrobe anytime soon... so I grabbed some upholstery webbing online and went to town..


I was fortunate enough to have some dollar store ornaments left from our move, and my mother in law sent us some of her beloved ornaments to keep our tree from being bare... I was also happy to have saved a small box of the children's memory type ornaments from the years
past.... thank the Lord!!!

Day 8 -
Make your own ornament wreath. I saw this pinned so many t
imes and I thought I would attempt it myself. "All" you have to do is string your orna
ments on a wire clothes hanger that you have made into the shape of a wreath.... yah - mine had to be strung individually with wire since the ornament holes were so small.... It took a very long time and a whole lot of ornaments - but I am happy to be able to say that I made one in my lifetime... cross it off t
he bucket list - but I probably won't attempt this again... kind of frustrating for me!!

Day 9 - Deck the Halls!!! Here are a few pics from my decorations this year - I continued the Pottery Barn knock off theme with the banister as well and so glad I got my upholstery webbing for less than 50 cents per yard - instead of the crazy $25 for 24 inches or something like that they wanted for that stuff in their catalog...

With no fireplace no fireplace or mantel to decorate here in Texas - The stockings were hung at the dinner table with care :-)

Day 10 - It's a sign!!! Make a sign from cheap supplies from the craft store and your stash...

Day 11 - Make a count down or advent calendar... My advent calendar is packed away but I did save pics of our count down chalk board style plates. I grabbed these plates at the dollar store and cut down some chalkboard vinyl to fit in the middle. I used a white paint pen to write the permanent plates and the chalk doesn't show up too well on the numbered plate - but in person it looked just fine... Very easy and cheap project if you already have chalkboard paint or labels laying around...

Day 12 - Make your gingerbread house... and eat it too :-) I let the boys devour our little candy house as soon as they made it this year so that they could consume as little dust as possible...

Well I hope you are all inspired to have a home spun holiday season on a craft budget next year. It was a goal of mine to have a fabulous home and not take away from the present funds - so I feel accomplished in that regard. I look forward to pulling out my Christmas pretties next year and having far less on the to do list - that's for sure!!!