Monday, June 27, 2011

Ch... Ch.. Ch... Changes.....

Wow............ No one told me how different living in Texas would be. Of course, if they had - I am not sure if I would have been on board with moving at all.... Sooooooo different from our soggy, cloudy life in the PacNW. I have traded my sweats, bulky sweatshirts, and furry boots for flip flops, shorts, and tank tops on a daily basis. I don't think it has been under 90 degrees since we arrived here. Of course - everything is different here. Food, driving, people, climate, stores, brands, how you plan your day, schools, pet ownership, the houses, the insects, snakes, and NO rain!! I didn't know that virtually everything that I experience on a daily basis would drastically change. It is very hard to adapt for this Northwest girl!!

Here are a few projects that I have been working on and that will soon go out in the mail...

Made this sundae card from punches for a dear friend that
has been ill rec
ently. Super fast and easy
to put together. All circles and an oval punch for
the banana.

Made this sign for a friend who lives in my home away from home in Washington. She c
an either put it on an easel to display, or she can punch grommets and string some ribbon
to hang on the wall... It would be cute to cu
t out black and white figures of the family and place on there as well... Getting this one in the mail this week - I promise Chelsea!!

This card went out to my dear mother who is celebrating her 25th year anniversary of being CANCER FREE!!! We are so fortunate to have had her in our lives for 25 years since her diagnosis - and we look forward to at least 25 more!!

Let me tell you a little something about living in Texas.... there certa
inly are clouds here... but these my friend are severe thunder clouds. I have never seen the likes of such electrical storms until I moved here. Crazy lightning, thunder rocking the house, and inches of rain in like 30 minutes... so awesome but scary at the same time!!

We did get a chance to visit Six Flags Fiesta Texas together as a family and this pic shows our "winnings" from the games booths. The twins are still learning that most of those games are designed to take your money and not give you prizes - so the grown-ups had to step in and win them some prizes.... and yes... those are squids on their heads :-)

Taking some time out to make home made bubbles and get some outside time. It is 96 degrees outside in this pic - and the boys are really trying to play outside... poor guys - most of their outside time is done after 8:00 pm now... you just can't take much more than that here right now.... can't believe I am saying this - but I can't wait until winter!!!!!! oh man.........

I am missing my baby girl who is attending college in Oregon on the West Coast right now... I hope she gets a chance to visit soon.... Well - most of my time right now is consisting of improving our home that we have moved in to here in Texas. The houses here are not really my style - very builder generic and tile floors everywhere... Since I am really into "granny chic" right now - I am having a hard time incorporating any vintage elements into this house.... we'll see how things turn out and I will post pics of some things I have done here in a bit......

Have a crafty day "ya'll"....... yah - I went there :-)