Wednesday, November 23, 2011

12 Days of Crafty Christmas... days one through three...

Hello again crafty ladies!!
Since our big move, we really have minimal Christmas holiday decorations compared to the lovelies that I have posted in the past... boohoo... okay enough crying over that.... So it is with great necessity that I make my Christmas decor this year with minimal Michael's intervention and whatever I have on hand in my crafty stash... which is pretty huge :-) Not gonna lie :-)

The first project I made was this wreath for my front door featuring my family here in Texas. I had purchased a grapevine wreath at the Goodwill and I found these decorative frames in the $1 bin at my local Michael's. I printed the photos myself and used ribbon from my stash. The berries were on super sale plus coupon at Michael's (I won't pay full price for anything these days :-) Here are photos of my supplies and the finished product:

These are more $1 bin frames that I decorated with 3 layer stickers from an Anna Griffin Christmas card making kit I purchased earlier in the year off one of the shopping networks... I am going to string some satin ribbon through the backs to hang them on the tree...

This tray is a hybrid of two examples that I saw and wanted to make this year - one was from Katie Watson's blog, and the other was a painted try found in Country Woman magazine. The tray was originally a dollar store plain silver tray - I actually found it at Goodwill so apparently I paid too much for it (found the dollar store sticker on the back a little too late :-( Anyway - I spray painted it white first then I used chalkboard paint to line the inside. I used glue dots to hold the berries in place - not sure how long they will last... I might have to hot glue it but I don't know if hot glue will hold up to painted surfaces or pull the paint off.... I started out with chalk on this but it wasn't showing up very well - so I ended up making it permanent wording with a sharpie paint pen. Pops a lot more now... I will place it on an easel for Christmas day....

The ugly before...... yucko!! But potential :-)

I'll post more projects as I go and maybe you all will be inspired to have a hand made Christmas and skip the Pottery Barn catalog this year :-) Seriously... you don't know how much I wanted to whip out the credit card and order everything in that catalog for Christmas this year!!! I am sure no one would fault me since my worldly Christmas possessions were spread out on my driveway in Washington and given away to strangers.... but I am trying not to be bitter, and I am trying not to go into debt replacing things:-)

Hugs and I hope everyone has a nice warm meal and reflects on their thankfulness on this glorious Thanksgiving 2011!!!!

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