Saturday, May 3, 2008

Sketch challenge/ Card Kit Swap

Here is my card for this week's SFYTT. The supplies were given to me by an online galpal for a card supply kit swap. I completely love the colors of the supplies that she gave me. There were rusts and roses - so warm and feminine!! She stamped the teacup image for me to use - and I knew that I had to use the cracked glass technique for it!! I love how this card turned out - and having a great sketch to follow really helped!! Thanks Jen!!

Here is Jen's sketch - she puts them out every Saturday -

Family Funny for the day: You know you are loved when this happens - The twins locked themselves in our master bedroom, turned on our stereo, and proceeded to jump on the bed while shrieking quite loudly (naturally giving themselves away...). When my husband went to the door to get them out of our room - Sam came to the door, opened it slightly and said, "We are having a party in here, and you are not invited!!" slamming the door after... So my husband came to me and said, "Apparently I am not invited to the party in our bedroom..." I went in to check on them, and Sam said, "Mom, you can be invited to our party because you are a good dancer! Can you put on my favorite song now? You know, Hips Don't Lie??"

Ahhh yes, my Sammie is quite a Shakira fan - but I am not sure at this point whether that is a good thing or a bad thing... He especially likes the part at the end when they say, "No fighting, no fighting..." I say that so much to him and his brother, he must think it is my mantra.....

Have a blessed Sunday!!!!!!!!!!

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jen del muro said...

GORGEOUS!! You did a wonderful job with the technique, too!! Love the buttons...too cute!