Saturday, March 1, 2008

More from demo class....

In the Stars set from the Occasions Mini Collection 2008. Just layered the stars intermittantly and placed the last one on dimensionals.

Same set, just different layout and color scheme. This is a great card for graduation or other accomplishments.

The Essence of Love set again, just trying out the Color Spritzing Tool to spray ink from my marker onto the page. This was pretty freakin' fun to do! You really have to keep it moving though to keepit from looking splotchy (which I failed at miserably :-). We also got to try a snippet of the Chocolate Chip Poly-Twill ribbon. It is fabulous!

Please meet Sassy Suzie. She is a great little image that comes with 8 different sentiments. I had fun coloring her in - lots of different themes and choices based on the sentiment that you choose.

Well that's all I have gotten finished from my demo class, but I will post the rest later this week...

This is a Sweet 16 card that I made for my niece. I put a pocket inside to hold her gift card. It is appropriately a "license plate" gift card for a very important milestone birthday. I ended up using the Crystal Effects on the cherries to really make them look chocolate covered.

After I punched the scallop on for the front, I used the same sheet of cardstock to fold for an inside pocket. I think the flower and scallop cutout really add something nice to the inside. I hope she likes it!!
So I only have 1 more week until my hubby is working day shift again! That means that I am able to use my basement as a scrap studio!! 700 square feet of pure crafting fun! All I have to do is clean it... hmmm.... that is actually a huge task given the mountain of boxes piled to the ceiling that we have never unpacked from our last move. But I am working hard on this task and I will post pics when I am done. I hope to host more events and project nights at my home once this room is complete. I can't wait!!!
So Sam's latest saying is "Yah dude!". Basically it's yah dude this and yah dude that - all day long!! I thought is was kinda funny to hear him say that, so I asked him where he got that saying. You know what he said? "From you mom!". I guess I do say "dude" quite a bit. Well at least it is a word that is actually in the dictionary now - but you won't catch me saying "Ayight" or "Evs" or any other silly word like that. I'll stick with my one silly word and call it good.
By the way, Sam is asking me right now to look into his mouth to see if he "ate a tooth". He is convinced he has eaten a tooth... I asked him what it tasted like :-)

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