Sunday, February 17, 2008

*Blog* Grand Opening Prize Drawing

Hey Crafty Folks & Welcome to my Blog!!

I will have a prize drawing on March 1st. Anyone who leaves a comment between now and then is eligible to win. I will post a pic of the prize sometime next week and I will mail it to you if you don't live nearby... I will be posting project photos, tutorials, and event photos. I will try to list supplies by name and a difficulty level if applicable. Let's get started....

This mailbox is an altered item that I featured as a door prize for a women's group Valentine's workshop. It is a metal mailbox purchased from the dollar spot at Target. I covered it in SU! Cerise paper (retired but the only Valentine-sey paper that I had on hand at the time) and misc ribbons. To get around the flag area, I just marked where the metal bolt was when the paper was wrapped around. Then I punched a circle where my mark was and cut a slit between the punched hole and the edge. The front I used various chipboard pieces from the SU! onboard chipboard , scallop punch, and a circle cut from my Coluzzle. I put the red glitter on the heart with the SU! Heat and Stick powder.

These mailbox versions where done with the Valentine's paper from the Target dollar spot. Flower is Prima, and varous stickers and buttons from the dollar spot again. Since I already had the ribbon, these projects only cost me $4.00 to complete. They ended up being Teacher's gifts at our PreSchool.
Inside, I placed a few mini Valentine's, altered jumbo clip, and some chocolates.

Here are a few of my Valentine's this year. The stamped images are from the SU! set Happy Heart Day. All paper is SU! except the punched hearts on the clothesline (Target dollar spot again :-).

This one was my winning entry in an online sketch contest.

So my loving husband proceeded to give me a beautiful Orchid for my Valentine's gift. This would normally be a great gift - unless you know me and my affliction for killing plants. Of all plants - an orchid?!?! Aren't those like the hardest flowers to keep alive or something?!?! Anyway - he assured me that they are the easiest Orchid of all the Orchids to keep alive (still an orchid though, right?!) I also got a card from him this year - which I haven't gotten in a long time. Of course, me who hasn't bought a card in almost 10 years is like, "$5.95?! You spent $5.95 on a card?! Why didn't you just make me one - it's not like we don't have a million supplies around here....". He didn't like that comment very much :-) Not sure if I'll be getting a card next year or not with that attitude...

So we took the kids out to IHOP for pancakes and hot cocoa and then off to the movies for our family Valentine's date. We went to see The Spiderwick Chronicles - but of course I didn't get to see the whole movie :-( My son Jake (5yrs) was very frightened by the gobblins and such and so we spent the rest of the movie putting quarters in the machines. When did fricken' video games become $1 to play?? What a rip off - his character would die like 10 second into the game, and it would say "insert $1 to continue"... Yah right... We also got to spend $5 on photo booth pics... I need a cheaper date next year!!

Overall it was a great day for us. I hope everyone enjoyed their Valentine's Day as well....

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Sharon said...

Cool blog. The cards are neat, they came out good.
You are so talented!
Thanks for all the time you spent, and sending me the info.